Reputation for Quality

Classic Optical recognizes that its reputation and success hinges on the quality of the goods and services it produces. To ensure that its goods are of the highest possible quality, our Quality Control Team (QCT), monitors output and efficiency throughout the production process and in every department. The QCT reports any problems or possible improvements to the Lab Manager and adjustments and improvements are made quickly. This process both ensures the efficient daily performance of Classic Optical's contracts, and the prompt treatment of any order that requires special attention. As a result of these efforts, the return rate on more than 1,500,000 orders per year trends at less than 0.05% -- a Six Sigma type benchmark. Our focus has alway been and continues to be:

Quality First...Quality Always.

Classic Optical's quality control programs include third party certification programs like COLTS official recognition that all the lenses produced conform to the FDA Impact Conformance Regulation and/or the ANSI Z87.1 High Impact requirement.