Cost-Saving Volume Purchase Programs

For more than four decades, Classic Optical has implemented numerous cost-saving volume purchase programs and currently partners with over 50 Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) nationally. Utilizing the MCO's proprietary network of eye care professionals to provide vision care services and dispense finished eyewear, these organization's contract with Classic Optical to manufacture the prescribed eyeglasses at fixed wholesale prices and some MCOs leverage Classic's proprietary benefit management systems. Retrospective cost analyses indicate that our laboratory has saved these entities many millions of dollars every year as a result of this program integration.

Customer Testimonials

It is Classic's ability to control costs for these organizations and deliver unmatched service excellence that has our Managed Care clients praising Classic.

"It's becoming increasingly difficult and competitive in our market and having a partner like Classic makes the process of providing ophthalmic materials that much easier. When considering a laboratory partner there really is only one choice and that is Classic."

- Chief Vision Officer, National Managed Vision Care Company

"At the inception of our program, we contracted with Classic Optical as our ophthalmic laboratory. Our research and industry knowledge had identified Classic as being a preeminent wholesale ophthalmic fabrication laboratory nationally, but they have proven to be 'much more than just a lab.'"

- Vision Director, National Managed Vision Care Company

"Our successful and valued partnership with Classic Optical…began in 2012. Since that time, they have proven many times over that they are much more than just an optical lab…their depth of knowledge and experience in the Medicaid vision market and ability to deliver solutions is second to none. They continue to be our go-to source."

- Provider Services Director, National Managed Vision Care Company

"We evaluated proposals from other Optical Labs before making our selection of Classic Optical. The follow up and continuous value-added suggestions and services we have received have been significant to our success as we work to build the program's brand nationally."

- President, National Managed Vision Care Company

"The services of Classic were, and continue to be provided in a professional manner, within predetermined timelines. We have also heard from various client groups as well as many of our members, through patient satisfaction surveys, who have utilized the plan benefits and who report that 'the eyeglasses are the best they have ever had.'"

- President, National Managed Vision Care Company

"The Classic Team is comprised of professionals that understand the intricacies of their niche market. They continue to help us better serve our customers, providers and members. In the industry they are known as 'So Much More than Just a Lab'. That could not be more true – they truly are the 'perfect partner.'"

- President, National Managed Vision Care Company