Provider Testimonials

I wanted to take a moment to express how absolutely thrilled I am to be working with Classic Optical Laboratories. We send a large percentage of our optical orders to you every month, and I am continually impressed by the level of your customer service. The reps go above and beyond to assist me with anything I might need. They are friendly, professional, enthusiastic, and I can always count on them to return my calls promptly. There are times I may have to call multiple times a day and I was never made to feel as though I was a nuisance, even though I probably can be! I believe that high levels of customer service are rare given the current state of our economy so my experiences have been a refreshing change! I spend a significant amount of time placing orders and fielding questions from our facilities so being able to count on great service makes my job easier and much less stressful.

I spent many years in the automotive sales industry so I have a full understanding and appreciation for customer service and your staff, are one of the many reasons we have decided to make Classic Optical Labs the main lab for our optical needs.

It seems as though people always find time to complain but never to praise. Thank you for all of the great service. Keep up the good work and I look forward to doing more business in the future!

ECP Office Manager

We just wanted to ask you to pass on our thanks to everyone at the lab for doing such a great job on our orders. Over the years we have dealt with a lab that didn't really care about these orders and it showed in their customer service, or lack thereof. It is refreshing to see such a difference in Classic Optical. You have wonderful customer service along with great quality lab service. The great communication and thorough follow up to our patients' eyeglass orders is really appreciated. We appreciate our rep visiting us to make sure everything is ok and the follow up skills are tremendous. Thanks again for doing such an awesome job!

LDO, Lab Manager

I would like to tell you what a great job your lab is doing for us, the turnaround time is unreal. I used to work in a lab, so I know the hurdles you sometimes have to jump. But you all are jumping high. Please let your associates know what a great job they are doing, and keep up the good work.

Lab Tech, Private Practice Office

I'm just writing to let you know that you guys are hands down the best lab I've worked with in ages! Not only is the turnaround time amazing but the quality is always exceptional! Either way, thanks so much for all the support you've provided over the phone and I can't stress enough how great it has been working with you!

ECP Office Manager

Don and I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding service and products we have been receiving. Your customer service and sales personnel in particular, are very nice and helpful. It is rare that everyone in one place have it all together!

Optician and Office Manager

Just wanted to let you know, our office has been very pleased with the service we have received from your lab. The on-line ordering and turnaround time on jobs has been better than expected. Thanks for the great service!