Experience & Expertise

As one of the nation's largest and most experienced eyeglass manufacturers, Classic Optical has proven expertise in serving high volume governmental, managed care, military, educational and institutional contracts. Classic Optical has been consistently chosen as the contract lab of choice by governmental and private sector entities, as well as independent providers. When a contract award allows for a variety of laboratories, ECPs consistently choose Classic Optical as the go-to source for lab services and ophthalmic products.

As a true "partner", in service to each of our clients, we are committed to delivering top-quality eyeglasses with each and every order. At the same time we push for rapid response, turning orders around well within specified contract time limits to each client groups' qualified participating ECPs in order to expeditiously meet the needs of eligible beneficiaries.

In addition to assigning a dedicated contract manager to each governmental customer group, each group is also served by the full team of customer service representatives.

As a proud member of the Minnesota Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV) we would be pleased to discuss your agency joining as a Participating Member at our current rates. Please contact us for more information.

Customer Testimonials

Classic Optical has built its exceptional reputation and legacy by ensuring quality, while controlling cost, and concurrently striving to deliver unmatched service excellence. What our clients' have to say about us speaks volumes, and is illustrative of the quality and care we deliver.

State of Alabama
Alabama State Logo

"For more than 30 years, the State has had the pleasure of contracting with Classic Optical Laboratories to provide eyeglasses to our beneficiaries…Recently we were asked to rate the overall quality of their services - they received the highest rating available - excellent in every category."

State of Alaska
Alaska State Logo

"Classic Optical was awarded a contract…to provide vision products to our Medicaid population…replacing a long-standing vendor. Classic has exceeded all expectations…staff knowledge and professionalism are exceptional, and feedback from our Medicaid providers and recipients regarding customer service and products offered has been entirely positive. We are extremely pleased to be speaking with the Classic Optical team."

State of Arkansas
Arkansas State Logo

"Classic Optical has always provided quality products and services; the Classic computer system helped the State manage the fraud and waste in the system. More specifically, Classic offered, at no additional charge, a computer system that managed the recipient benefit history file and ensured that the State did not pay for any eyeglasses that exceeded the State's Medicaid benefit program plan."

State of Idaho
Idaho State Logo

"The Classic Optical team demonstrated throughout the implementation phase that they are a very professional group of people who would do a great job for us. They addressed any questions or changes we made quickly and with expert guidance to make the process work well for our providers. We have had very positive comments from providers since the start date. We are pleased with the professional way they conduct business and we highly recommend Classic Optical."

State of Maine
Maine State Logo

"It is my pleasure to highly recommend Classic Optical as a valued provider of quality eyeglasses and superior customer service. Our partnership with Classic Optical began July 1, 2010. Our experience with Classic Optical's service has been superior in every category measured. Working with Classic Optical is a true partnership for MaineCare, as they do so much more than just make eyeglasses. They have many years of experience in the eyewear industry and with many state Medicaid programs, and as a result they have tremendous expertise. They are exemplary professionals and partners you can rely on for quality, value and service."

State of Michigan
Michigan State Logo

"Classic Optical has been contracted with the State of Michigan for more than 30 years as the sole source, volume purchase contractor, producing between 50,000 and 60,000 eyeglass orders per year…Classic Optical is doing an excellent job of providing quality eyewear to Michigan's beneficiaries."

State of Minnesota
Minnesota State Logo

"Have I told you lately how much I enjoy working with Classic? I am constantly delighted that you are aware of, and care about the needs of our recipients…everything about this makes me happy. It's enough to make a bureaucrat's heart go pitter-pat."

State of New Hampshire
New Hampshire State Logo

"Classic Optical replaced a long-standing in-state vendor as a result of a competitive procurement bidding process to supply eyeglasses to NH Medicaid recipients. We have enjoyed an exceptional working relationship with Classic Optical during the changeover of vendor."

State of Ohio
Ohio State Logo

"The State of Ohio has contracted with Classic Optical Laboratories, Inc. for more than 30 years to produce eyeglasses. During this time Classic has shared the State's contract with up to two (2) other contracting laboratories. While the other contracting vendors have changed several times, Classic is the only lab to be continually awarded the contract since the program's inception in the early 1980s. We enjoy a very productive working relationship with this company and highly recommend their services."

State of Vermont
Vermont State Logo

"Classic Optical staff worked closely with Vermont Medicaid to improve efficiencies and meet the requirements of the program and the needs of our members. They offer advanced technology that allows providers the ability to order online which has reduced errors and improved turnaround times."

State of Wisconsin
Wisconsin State Logo

"Classic Optical has supplied hundreds of thousands of pairs of eyeglasses to our Members as a sole source contractor…We are fully satisfied with the service Classic provides to the Department, Providers, and our Members, and have no reason to believe they would not provide the same level and quality of services to your State."