Helping You Manage Care

Your Hardware Management Partner

Classic Optical delivers intelligent materials management and cost control tools to enhance vision coverage. Our world-class ophthalmic laboratory and proprietary benefit management system is ideal for your Medicaid, CHIP, MMAI, Medicare and Pediatric Vision Benefits products.


Volume Pricing

  • Affordable eyeglasses using efficient, automated high-volume production.
  • Purchasing economies of scale for reduced frame, lens, and shipping costs.

Administrative Efficiences and FWA Management

  • Rapid delivery and total tracking.
  • Secure, online, fool-proof ordering interface ensures that only plan-specific materials are ordered.
  • Delivery confirmation in real-time yields the ultimate in lab/provider efficiency.
  • Custom reporting capabilities to assist in cost analysis, audits, and FWA management.
  • Single audit site.

Benefit Management Tools

  • Member benefit verification and hardware frequency management reduces duplicate and fraudulent claims.
  • Additional benefit management including Rx-based requirements and elimination of potential upcoding of costlier benefits not supplied to the patient.
  • Flexibility to split-bill and bill the provider directly for any non-covered services offered to the member.
  • Enhanced reporting expertise provides detailed information; by member; provider; materials; age; dollar; service type, or any other metrics needed or requested

Custom Frame Kits & Fulfillments

  • A uniform frame collection ensures that members have a consistent choice, among provider offices, from a culturally specific frame selection tailored to meet member demographics.
  • Complete hardware fulfillment services including branded and private label solutions.
  • Proven system for delivering direct-to-patient.

Quality Assurance & Service Level Agreements

  • No hassle administration.
  • Consistent quality of products.
  • Assured turnaround times.

An Essilor of America Laboratory

  • Leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of ophthalmic lenses in the world.
  • First fully integrated optical company in the United States.
  • 50,000 employees worldwide in 58 countries.
  • Ranked 26th on Forbes' list of most innovative companies.

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